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Gyproc RhinoLite Natural Plus Multipurpose Plaster

by Gyproc
Special Order

Product Description

RhinoLite Natural Plus Multipurpose is a multipurpose finishing plaster applied with a one-coat application method by using a steel trowel and a rubber float. A straight edge and/or darbies will be required when applying as a thick levelling plaster.

Gyproc RhinoLite Multipurpose plaster is suitable for providing:

a highly polished smooth surface,

a brush finish, or

a textured finish,

and should be used neat, added to clean water only. The setting time is approximately 60 minutes.

Technical Details

The approximate coverage of a 40kg bag of RhinoLite Multipurpose Plaster is:

• 25m2 applied to a thickness of 3mm

• 11.5m2 applied to a thickness of 5 - 6mm

• 4.5m2 applied to a thickness of 12 - 15mm

• 3m2 applied to a thickness of 15 - 20mm

N.B. Gyproc RhinoLite Multipurpose Plaster should not be applied less than 3mm thick.

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