Reviglass mosaics


Reviglass has been producing beautiful glass mosaic since 1985 from their factory based in Bidania, Spain. Pudlo is proud to be supplying their wide range of mosaics throughout South Africa and Africa.Ecology is Reviglass’s vocation and not just a trend. Their mosaics are made from 100% recycled glass and thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to develop this efficient and environmentally friendly 0 emission product. The revolutionary new mounting system, Polyeurethane cord, eliminates the use of paper and mesh mounting, leading the way in mosaic adhesion success, particularly under water.A design team produce custom designs for swimming pools and feature walls for the client wanting something more bespoke.





Our in-house design capabilities include utilizing sketches or artwork and translating that into a custom design for the bespoke client. Our website also boasts an interactive creative platform enabling clients to plan their own designs.

Clients are presented with a module for their design together with samples of the mosaics. The design plan and product is shipped in a modular format making for simple installation.