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Weber - Epox Easy

by Weber
Special Order

Product Description

A two-part, chemical resistant epoxy adhesive and grout for interior and exterior use available in a range of colours.

Technical Details

Mixing Ratio By Weight:  4:1 (Resin:Hardener)

Joint Width: 1 – 10 mm

Bed Thickness: 3 – 5 mm

Working time/Pot Life: 60 – 90 minutes

Set/Curing Time: Light pedestrian traffic after 24hours; full load capacity after 72 hours

Temperature Resistance:  –30°C to 100°C (when set)

Particle Size: Up to approx. 0.25 mm. Note: setting times are quoted at 20°C and are temperature dependent. Temperatures below 10°C will dramatically extend the curing time.

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