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Pudlo Prestia Jolly Cast Plaster

Special Order

Product Description

Pudlo Prestia Jolly Cast is a high strength jiggering plaster used for tableware in ceramics. This product can also be used to make hard casts which require fine reproduction of detail, as well as for the production of decorative fibrous plasterwork. This product is a formulated plaster containing Alpha and Beta plasters, it has been designed for good strength to have air permeability and abrasion resistance properties. This commercial grade plaster is used to optimize the mould life span and promote cost savings.

Technical Details

Mixing Ratio: 60ml : 100g (water : plaster)

Initial Setting Time: 8 - 11 minutes @ 25°C (knife setting)

Fluidity Schmidt Ring: 180 - 210 mm

Bending Strength: ≥ 65 kg./cm2

Plaster Purity: ≥ 95 %

Setting Expansion: ≥ 0.15 % (Base on 2 hours)

Fineness: Over 150 μm. (dry sieve) ≤ 0.25%

Over 63 mm. (wet sieve) ≤ 0.60%

Available in 5kg or 25kg.

*Depending on the quality and temperature of the water, the setting time has a varying. Therefore the mixing time may be adjusted within the above ranges.

For general guidelines and storing instructions click here.