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Pudlo Prestia Ceil Nr Plaster

Special Order

Product Description

Pudlo Prestia Ceil NR has been specially developed for the manufacturing of fibrous, plaster, home decorative items such as cornices, ceiling panels, arches, and coves. Prestia ceil NR is a fine, white beta plaster made from the firing and grinding of pure gypsum. It is a high strength plaster which allows casts to include big shapes. The consistency of its working and setting time guarantee convenient and trouble-free use at all time.

Technical Details

Mixing Ratio: 74 ml : 100g (water:plaster)

Initial Setting Time: 6 - 22 minutes (knife setting)

Final Setting Time: 45 minutes (shore A determination)

Fluidity Schmidt Ring: 140 - 220 mm

Granulometry: 1.0% (dry screen over 150 m)

Packaging: 25kg / Bag

*Testing condition: Sprinkling time – 1 minute; soaking time – 1 minute; and mixing time – 3 minutes.

*Depending on quality and temperature of water, the setting time is varied. Therefore, the mixing time may be adjusted within the above ranges.

Available in 5kg and 25kg.

For general guidelines and storage instructions click here.