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Pudlo Prestia Planet Dental Plaster

Special Order

Product Description

Planet is a dental plaster type III, formulated with high quality hemihydrate alpha plaster and has been specifically designed for hard gypsum models, basing and antagonist models with controlled setting time and expansion. It is commonly referred to as dental stone and uses less water and is stronger than dental plaster.

Available Colours: Blue, Ivory, White

Technical Details

Mixing Ratio: 32ml : 100g (water : plaster)

Mixing Time: 60 seconds

Vicat Setting Time: 8-10 minutes

Removal After: 30 minutes

Setting Expansion: < 0.2 % (based on 2 hours after setting)

Compressive Strength: 30 N/mm2


Available in 18kg only.


For general guidelines and storage instructions click here.