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NMC Wallstyl Skirting - 100 x 15mm

by NMC
Special Order

Technical Details:

Material: High Density Polystyrene

Product Description: A modern design ensures the skirting enhances contemporary interiors, by highlighting clean lines and cubic shapes. The minimalistic style of the FD1 complements its surroundings. As well as the skirting's decorative purposes, the skirting protects against impact, damage and scuffing. The skirting arrives primed and ready for painting in the final colour. A moisture-resistant material makes the skirting a perfect feature for modern bathrooms, spas and other humid environments. At the back of the FD1 is a narrow space for concealing wires and cracks. Installing the skirting just requires gluing each section in place.


  • Waterproof and humidity resistant
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Lightweight material
  • Simple installation
  • 100% Recyclable

Per box: 30m

Length: 2m maximum

Ordering: Can take up to one working day