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Gyproc CreteStone Skimming Plaster

by Gyproc
Special Order

Product Description

Gyproc CreteStone is a skim finishing plaster applied with a skim application method, by using a steel trowel. CreteStone is suitable as a skim finishing plaster for application onto low suction-concrete soffits, concrete pre-cast blocks and Gyproc RhinoBoard.

Technical Details

Covering Capacity:

Applied 6mm thick the coverage will be approximately 11.5m2/40kg

N.B. Gypsum plaster should be stacked on a level surface in a dry place, preferably inside a building, and properly protected from damp and inclement weather. If gypsum is to be stacked on a concrete floor inside a building, a damp proof membrane should first be laid down, or it should be stacked on a timber pallet.

For interior use only.

For instructions on how to use this product, please click here.