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Cemteq - Corelite 100L

by CemteQ

Technical Details

CoreLite is a loose fill, coated perlite for easy-to-install, insulating cavity fill, providing a quick, durable, effective, thermally-performing lightweight fill for cavity walls. CoreLite is surface-treated with a hydrophobic agent that repels water, ensuring that the thermal performance is maintained.

Corelite provides a quick, inexpensive and permanent method to insulate cavity walls. It pours easily into all cracks, voids and cavities, providing a very effective insulation blanket. It is an inorganic, siliceous mineral of volcanic origin, is chemically inert, pH neutral, non-toxic and sterile. It is also vermin-resistant, does not rot, decay or settle and offers excellent fire protection. Placement requires no particular skills or experience, making it an exceptionally construction-friendly and cost-effective solution.