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Cement Sealer - Tile & Floor Care

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Product Description

Tile & Floor Care Cement Sealer is a special and uniquely formulated sealer designed to seal all types of paving (clay & concrete). Cement Sealer is penetrating water based sealer that uses the best properties of silicones and acrylics to protect the paver from most stains. Cement Sealer penetrates the paver and therefore maintains the anti-slip and natural properties of the paver. Cement Sealer is D.I.Y. friendly as wash and seal applications can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Uses: Cement Sealer is used on hard porous surfaces that can withstand relatively heavy traffic. If you have any doubt as to suitability for your cement surface, phone Tile & Floor Care for advice.

Sealer Type: Penetrating Silicone Sealer

Appearance: No change in appearance

Colour Change: No colour change

Coverage: ± 7 to 12m2 per L depending on porosity

Maintenance: Quick clean

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