Pudlo South Africa is the leading supplier of specialised building products in the country. We stock an extensive range of cornices:

Plaster Cornice

With simple clean lines of the modern era, to detailed designs of the Victorian and Georgian period the product range including Cornices, Ceiling Roses, Ceiling Panels, Corbels, Vents and Arches, these are hand crafted from Gypsum plaster using craftsman practices.Used at the transition of wall and ceiling, cornice mouldings are the simplest form of enrichment for a living space. Whether classical or modern in form, cornices frame a room, enhancing its volume and defining its space. Traditional plaster cornices differ from their modern material counterparts not only in the centuries of heritage they are born of…

  • They blend seamlessly with a building – they do not feel ‘applied’ but they compliment and perfect a building
  • They are harmonious with the building environment; they are made from non toxic materials and will not contribute to Sick Building Syndrome.
  • They have an excellent fire rating and do not produce toxic smoke in the incidence of a fire.
  • They have a timeless quality: with an unrivalled quality of finish and definition and they will not shrink or yellow with age.To compliment our custom mouldings we offer a wide range of standard profiles for you to choose from.

Polystyrene & Polyurethane Cornice

Stockists of top quality brands including NMC, DAS, Gyproc Rhinoart and Macneil ranges.Turn any room in your home into a reflection of your unique sense of style with Gyproc’s easy to install lightweight durable range of RhinoArt Cornice polystyrene mouldings.With 10 profiles available to choose from, it’s never been easier to indulge your personal sense of style, and now with a state-of-the art manufacturing plant right here in the country, it’s even more affordable too.

Easy To Install:

  • Heat-moulded polystyrene
  • Perfectly smooth finish
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Works with all good quality water-based paints.

Cornice Adhesives

A full range of Adhesives for various applications