The word Pudlo was coined from “puddle” in the early 1900’s-“Puddle” meant to make watertight by means of clay. We now do this with Mortamix Liquid Waterproofer, Tal Sureproof and Superflex1.

Mortamix Liquid Waterproofer also referred to, as “Pudlo”, is a cement additive, commonly used to improve the water resistance of plaster, cement and concrete. It is a product known to the industry since 1911, when it was supplied in a powder form.

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Technical data

  • Is a copolymer latex based additive for cementitious, powder products.
  • It is used to improve the adhesion of, particles in a cementitious mix, therefore increasing its tensile strength.
  • When added to a cementitious mix it also increases the flexural strength (improved flexibility),
  • This reduces the shrinkage percentage intern reducing cracking.
  • Heat resistance is also improved.
  • Due to the abovementioned properties, cement mixes are rendered water resistant
  • Moisture is hindered from moving between particles.


  • Can be added to plaster, cement and concrete mixes by partially replacing the water fraction.
  • When grouting it can completely replace the water fraction in the mix, to render grout more water resistant.
  • Useful in bathrooms.
  • Renders Swimming Pools and permanently wet areas water resistant
  • Can help prevent rising damp if used in the plaster on exterior exposed areas
  • As an additive to screeds will decrease porosity and therefore the requirement of large amount of sealers


  • Use the correct dry mix for the desired application.
  • The quantity of Liquid Waterproofer needed is determined by the number of bags of cement.
  • 1 l Liquid Waterproofer is used for every 50 kg bag of cement.

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Hydro Seal is a unique range of multipurpose sealants which comprises of cementitious powders and activating chemicals. It is a watertight compound with filling properties which penetrates concrete and masonry units forming part of the structure.

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  • Hydro Sealant is a two-part waterproofing system. It incorporates a blend of cementitious powders, proprietary activating chemicals, quality aggregate fillers which is then mixed with the Hydro Bonding agent.
  • Hydro Mix & Fix is a pre-blended, grey coloured, powder which is chemically formulated to give controlled high early strength properties. It is a repair material for concrete applications and pavements. It reaches adequate strength for traffic, normally within 1 hour and can be used at low ambient temperatures.
  • Hydro Plast is a fibre and polymer modified cementitious mortar. Suitable for heavy duty plaster aerated concrete and cementitious structures repairs. Use ensures that repairs to new and old structures are waterproof and protected from further deterioration.
  • Hydro Stop is a pre-mixed cementitious grey powder with accelerating chemicals which produce an instant setting repair compound to stop flowing water within 1-2 minutes in concrete water retaining structures.

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Tal Sureproof is a tough, flexible and seamless rapid-drying two-part liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. It is suitable for waterproofing shower recesses, internal wet areas, external decks, planter boxes and light trafficked roofs. Applied by brush or (red) enamel paint roller, it possesses excellent flexibility and UV resistance which allows it to be left exposed on rooftops subjected to light foot traffic.
Tal Sureproof Data Sheet.

A ready to use acrylic-based liquid waterproofing system which may be applied by brush or paint roller, suitable for waterproofing shower recesses, internal wet areas, external decks, swimming pools and water features when covered with tiles, as well as non-trafficable roof slabs and parapet walls, It cures to provide a flexible, waterproof membrane capable of accommodating normal structural movement in the background.
Tal Superflex datasheet.

WEBER.COTE BARRIER Cement-based Decorative Waterproof Coating
A pre-blended, single component cement-based coating. When mixed with water it produces a durable high performance waterproof coat, applied by brush onto unpainted concrete, plaster, or flush jointed brick or block work.
Weber.cote Barrier datasheet.